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Growing Sideways


Brigitte Wilfing, Jorge Sánchez-Chiong: growing sideways. Choreographic composition in relapsing behavior patterns (2021 UA) - 60'





Jorge Sánchez-Chiong: turntables, performance, artistic direction

Brigitte Wilfing: choreography, voice, performance, artistic direction

Andrew Champlin: Dance, Performance

Mirjam Kleber: horn, dance

Alfredo Ovalles: keyboard instruments, dance

David Christopher Panzl: percussion, dance

TE-R: New Media, Performance Louise Linsebolz & Thomas Wagensommerer

Dalma Sarnyai: production organization assistant

Laura Schroeder: Assistance scenography, costumes

Sabina Holzer: choreographic advice

Lise Lendais: scenography, costume

Florian Bogner: Sound design

Jan Maria Lukas: Light design

Stepping aside and feeling forward, growing sideways between the traces of the past and looking back with foresight to a sideways progress. Suddenly we have the future breathing down our necks. How many steps can we step back? Will we be caught with a hug or will we fall into the abyss?

The expression of development and improvement through the image of progress, the localization of the future in front of us has written itself into our bodies and is reflected in the way we live and work. The programmatic title invites to add new directions of growth to the Western paradigm of progress and is taken literally by the performers as a choreographic-compositional instruction. Game and movement modes are twisted right-left, vice versa, in order to indulge in playful reorientations, reverse twists and other wild growths.

In growing sideways - their third joint production at Wien Modern - Brigitte Wilfing and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong show another form of music theater at the transitions from choreography and composition. Together with the Assemble andother stage they initiate a collaborative work process in which they confront themselves with impossibilities. (Brigitte Wilfing)


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