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musical performance

A wild party - or the ball of the time

Jorge Sanchez-Chiong / Thomas Jelinek


The increasing digitization of all areas of life not only influences how we deal with time, but also our perception of it. Time was, is and remains relative.

The OPERA of TIME follows, as a multimedia music performance project by Thomas J. Jelinek and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong,

after OPERA of ENTROPY, in which the genre 'opera' is restructured into a contemporary experimental process.

The project moves between fine (media) art, contemporary performance and music composition and becomes a "contemporary opera" in a digital projection installation. The opera becomes a kind of party that uses strategies of avant-garde, contemporary music production and theater to create a participatory discourse process and transdisciplinary resonance space.

The state of affairs of our present and the world perception of contemporary humanity is negotiated in the context of the digitization of all areas of life - which has made time a relativizing measure of things.

Party meets physics, meets history, meets radical arts.

Actors and guests are on the same level, a digital ballroom, and become part of the staging and installation - a surreal festival of time, as a party of melancholic exuberance.

90 minutes of powerful music composition carry through the media and performative sequences.

The superficially banal is generated in loops and time warps, in which time reveals itself.


Artistic direction, direction, concept and installation - Thomas J. Jelinek

Sound architecture and composition - Jorge Sánchez-Chiong

Vocalists / Performance:

Soprano - Kaoko Amano

Soprano - Bibiane Nwobilo

Pop voice and performance - David Kleinl

Music performance:

Piano, Keyboards, Performance - Alfredo Ovalles

Multi-Percussionist, Performance - David Christopher Panzl

Automated Orchestra and Installation Soundtrack performed by Orchestra Sinfónica Municipal de Caracas

directed by Alan Gonzalez Perez

musical direction, live electronic and turntables - Jorge Sánchez-Chiong

Performance and expertise:

Performance/Dance & Interaction - Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki

Text, interaction and performance - Anna Mendelssohn

Performance/dance and interaction - Brigitte Wilfing

Historian and performer - Karl Bruckschwaiger

Mathematician, interaction and performance - Max Hoffmann

Interactive Installation - Thomas J. Jelinek

Video conception and live editing - Peter Koger

Graphics and visual programming - Kaira Kurosaki

Live editing and camera/shooting and video sequences - Michael Loizenbauer

Graphics and visual programming - Thomas Wagensommerer

Sound engineer / sound engineering - Florian Bogner

Technical coordination - Roman Harrer

Assistant Director - Linda Spectu

Performance, support and special thanks to:

Diana Nina Madlmayer / Ioana Grecu / Max Kaufmann / Christoph Hubatschke

Production management and communication - Fina Esslinger

Co-Production - Georg Steker (MTTW)


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