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Wiener Konzerthaus, Berio Hall

PHACE Series 18/19 – N°3

LAB – 10. & 11.12.2018 – 6 p.m

The process of creating and rehearsing COMING SOON! is shared with the audience – join us at our studio: 1150, Selzergasse 18

Mandatory application:


Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, turntables

Alfred Reiter, sound direction,

TE-R (Louise Linsebolz, Thomas

Wagensommerer + Georg List), video


Reinhold Brunner, clarinet

Spiros Laskaridis, trumpet

Stefan chairman, trombone

Samuel Toro Perez, electric guitar

Petra Ackermann, violin

Roland Schueler, cello

Mathilde Hoursiangou, keyboards

David Panzl, percussion

Igor Gross, percussion

Alexandra Dienz, double bass

PHACE is supported by the SKE Fund (Austro Mechana), the Austrian Federal Chancellery (Arts and Culture Section) and the Cultural Department of the City of Vienna.

Announcement, expectation, waiting: Coming Soon plays with the phenomenon of anticipation and promise by relating various media forms such as teasers, trailers, advertising with loose information, fragmentary video sequences & sound particles in a poetic, non-linear narration.

Jorge Sánchez-Chiong's music develops its driving force from the liveliness and spontaneity of improvisation and goes beyond the scope of concert music. In close cooperation with the musicians from PHACE and the artist duo TE-R (Louise Linsenbolz and Thomas Wagensommerer), a musically explosive mixture was created over several months, a joyfully virtuoso captivating play of colors, stirring and compact. For the video, TE-R use diary-like video sequences by Georg List, who from childhood on over a period of 25 years archived his life, his everyday life and his environment with a video camera. With Coming Soon, a story is now being written that, if it wasn't like this, could have been like this, but after 25 years it is because it can be received.


Jorge Sanchez-Chiong

Coming soon

for ensemble, electronics, turntables and video, 2018 (UA)

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