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Release Concert


inventory of the area

Music: Maria Gstättner

Text: Angelika Reitzer

Photos: Ditz Fejer

The Graz author Angelika Reitzer made a literary inventory of the Mürztal region – she wrote the (song) lyrics. Starting from this area, she poses nationally relevant and contemporary questions, such as those about the prerequisites for a good life. I have composed new music with pop elements from it, which is sung by great pop voices and played, interpreted and improvised by renowned instrumentalists who are in demand in many genres. The photographer Ditz Fejer expands this poetic-musical inventory with photographs of unexpected everyday images and the simple beauty of the area, work and everyday life from the Mürztal. The inventory is a magnificent book (Swiss paperback) with a music CD and has been published in the casual edition kürbis/pumpkin records.

Laura Winkler voice

Willi Landl voice

Melissa Coleman cello, pinwheel

Christoph Pepe Auer C clarinet, bass clarinet

Stefan Heckel - Styrian harmonica, piano

David Panzl percussion

Maria Gstättner bassoon, pinwheel

Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Werner Angerer

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