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Voyage 4


We are happy to open the new seeLab with our Assemble andother stage! The venue also houses our rehearsal studios and is located in the technology center of Seestadt Wien.

7:40 p.m. U2 station, Seestadt Promenade exit: Performance by David Panzl, followed by a walk into the SeeLab,

Performances by Brigitte Wilfing, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Louise Linsebolz, Thomas Wagensommerer

Samuel Toro Pérez, Alfredo Ovalles, DJ Line: Karl Salzmann

> Three premieres

David Panzl uses the acoustics of the massive subway bridge for his site-specific composition rudiments in resonance. The multi-percussionist filters frequencies out of the concrete construction with sophisticated percussion technique and transforms the otherwise disturbing sound confusion of this urban space into a synthesizer-like sound experience. Panzl's choreography is based on the haptic guideline of the isOti test track, developed by SeeLab co-founder Jan Lauth for the independence of people with special needs.

With minimalist flamboyance, Brigitte Wilfing and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong approach a larger performative project in the next year with looking forward, feeling backwards, growing sideways, in which backwardness in peculiar behavioral patterns despite an apparent future orientation and the point of no return, to which we as To bring humanity to mind.

The generative performance WSF by Louise Linsebolz and Thomas Wagensommerer [TE-R] examines immersion in forests as an objectively measurable influence on human biology and psychology, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing cortisol (so-called stress hormone) and subjective well-being. Recent studies also show that virtual representations of forests also have similar effects. Based on data from science and research, TE-R works in real time with photogrammetric forests and their high-resolution binaural sound recordings, as well as with recordings of their electromagnetic field.

> Two tributes to rock and rave

Fausto Romitelli's Trash TV Trance for electric guitar - already a classic of new music - quotes, dismembers, distorts and reinterprets echoes of Pan Sonic, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd or Sonic Youth in a very unique language. With numerous advanced techniques, experimental and at the same time precise, the physical, body-oriented playing on the electric guitar is emphasized with fresh sound material. Trash TV Trance, played by Samuel Toro Pérez, will also be the starting point for a Conversation Piece, a future series in which we will get in touch with our sources of inspiration and materialize these traces of stimulation, their co-writing and further writing in artistic works .

Exactly 40 years ago, the Roland company released another home-use rhythm machine, the TR-808. Tadao Kikumoto, inventor of some of the "mid-0 Series" devices, had something literally domestic in mind, but his 808, 606, 303 were mainly used in house, acid house, techno and hip-hop. They changed global culture, the way of partying and dancing. Jorge Sánchez-Chiong understands his work in progress Through the Looking-Glass and What Tadao Found There as a kind of fictional story of origin, as a psychedelic lucid dream of unadapted music machines.

> A DJ line

A techno set with Karl Salzmann on the turntables.

In cooperation with seeLab and mediaOpera. Funded by MA7.


Of course, we comply with the regulations applicable at this time. The studio has a size of 400 m2. Since there are windows all around, ventilation can be carried out quickly and efficiently. There is also an air conditioning system that constantly extracts the air and does not let it back into the room.


DAVID PANZL > rudiments in resonance (2020) for marching drum & concrete bridge (UA)

FAUSTO ROMITELLI > Trash TV Trance (2002) for electric guitar

TE-R > WSF (2020) generative performance (UA)

BRIGITTE WILFING & JORGE SÁNCHEZ-CHIONG > looking forward, feeling backwards, growing sideways (2020) performance (UA)

JSX > Through the Looking-Glass, and What Tadao Found There (2018–20) for Turntables

andother stage

Louise LENSENBOLZ [TE-R] > Game Engine & Electronics

Alfredo OVALLES > Synthesizers & Samplers

David PANZL > Snare Drum & Percussion

Jorge SÁNCHEZ-CHIONG [JSX] > Turntables & Voice

Samuel TORO PÉREZ > Electric Guitar

Thomas WAGENSOMMERER [TE-R] > Game Engine & Electronics

Brigitte WILFING > Performance & Voice

> special guest

Karl SALZMANN > Turntables

In cooperation with seeLab and mediaOpera. Funded by MA7.


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